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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 19, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the wind is making it feel like it's even worse out there and we take a live look at center city philadelphia the aramark building. the windchill got below zero earlier today in the poconos. we take a live look at camelback mountain. see the wind blowing the snow there. it's a day that has you longing for summer weather. people are bundled up at the shore. a live look from our camera in cape may, new jersey. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be along here. here he is with his forecast. we tied record lows out there? >> that's right. we tied a record low in philadelphia set back in 1936.
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also tieing some record lows in reading and breaking a record low in georgetown, delaware. we have bright blue skies now. the records were like this. 18 in atlantic city, 20 in philadelphia. these were the existing records. the actual testimony, there's the tieing in philadelphia. there's the tieing in reading. there's the beating the record in georgetown, came within two degrees in atlantic city and four degrees in wilmington. the temperature at the moment, all the way up to 29 degrees. the windchill is 20. so it's obviously not as brutal as it was this morning. the temperature is not going to get as cold tonight as it did last night. this is still way, way cold are than average for this time of the year. we are not going to be seeing a
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lot of change during the day. by noontime, 30 degrees. by 3:00, about 33. 6:00, to 30. and then we're kind of leveling off tonight. if anything, later tonight the temperature may go up a couple of degrees. so the windchill staying generally between 18 and 20. we could set a record this afternoon for the lowest maximum temperature for this date. otherwise, no more cold records. but it's going to stay cold. we will show you how cold it's going to be and when it's going to warm up with the seven-day. our area is getting hit by a cold blast. temperatures tied record lows. monique braxton is out braving the elements. monique, are your toes frozen yet, are they numb? >> reporter: not quite. you know, we spent the morning talking to morning commuters and folks out running errands. one guy told us, it's no big
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deal. we talked to a lady who said she spent an hour last night pulling out cold weather gear. we couldn't help but notice people waiting in line here at the free air pump. he says a tire pressure light sent him here. >> i believe it's the temperature and how it's dropping fast. it's november and it's 25 degrees out here. >> reporter: did you notice your tire pressure light immediately? >> yes. i did my inspection around the car. and i realized my tire pressure was low. >> reporter: the morning commuters tell us whether they are driving or awaiting a bus, this week's plunge in temperatures have caught them by surprise. >> trying to bundle up with lots of layers. as you can see, i have him covered up. >> reporter: we found many covering their mouths. but when it came to their hands, most were exposed. one local doctor urges caution. >> reporter: bitter mittens than gloves. pull your fingers into the
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gloves and keep your hands near your body where your body -- has the core temperature. your body warms it up. >> reporter: the doctor said, if your hands, face or feet become numb, head to a local hospital. this is something he tells us not to do that you see us doing. don't rub your hands together. don't put your hands near a heating source like a fire or heater if you suspect frostbite. that's the latest here in wilmington, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. we have cold temperatures today but not snow. that's the problem near buffalo, new york. the situation there is deadly. authorities in erie county relate five deaths related to the snow that dropped five feet of snow. troopers in atvs set out to reach the more than 100 drivers trapped along a highway. >> we don't know when we are going to get out of here. we don't have food or water. i think we're maybe at about
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half tank of gas. i don't see us getting out of here for another day, if that. i mean, maybe even two days. >> the weather service warns the area could get up to two more feet of snow by tomorrow night. a college basketball team had to ration food and water after their bus got stuck for 26 hours outside of buffalo. here are pictures. players were rescued early this morning along with their coaches and family members. the team was returning from a game against the university of pittsburgh. be sure to get the latest updates from the nbc 10 first alert weather app. you can download it for free right now at our website at we are following breaking news. a crash that killed at least two people and injured nine others. that accident happened on route
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222 known as allentown pike just south of route 73. this sh buris berks county. here is an update from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: an absolutely devastating scene just north of reading. this is a tractor-trailer that slammed into at least three cars, pinned against this sign on route 222. this is what authorities are telling us a lot of them still on scene investigating, nine people injured in this crash, at least two people have died. a total of nine cars were involved, plus that tractor-trailer. if we look over here, they have two more of the vehicles that were just upside down. they are about to get towed out. let me show you video from overhead. this is what authorities on scene are telling us. they are investigating this with possible charges to come. we know that this tractor-trailer slammed into a line of cars that was outside this dunkin' donuts this morning.
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there was a police officer on scene. he was able to help some of the victims. some of them remained trapped in the cars for hours. we are also told that there are still bodies in some of the cars. we spoke with the district attorney here. he walked us through what happened this morning. >> one thing is for certain, there was a line of traffic that was stopping on this busy highway. and this tractor-trailer basically plowed through and caused this. >> reporter: absolute devastation. nine cars out here. two people dead. it's going to take a while for them to clear this scene on route 22. much of the area will remain blocked off. we are expecting to get some update from the district attorney's office about 3:00 to hear if any sort of charges will be filed. they tell me they are investigating whether speed was a factor because this tractor-trailer came through here knocking all of these cars into that sign.
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we are live in berks county. new jersey state police identified a truck driver from delaware as the man killed in a fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike last night. a trooper says the truck collided with two others in cranberry township and then all three rigs burst into flames. the man died at the scene. the other drivers were treated at the hospital and should survive. the pornographic e-mails exchanged by pennsylvania state employees on public computers contained images of children in violent acts against women. the attorney general called the images deplorable. she has fired four employees and suspended 11. the e-mails came to light when the ag's office investigated its own handling of the sandusky sex abuse case. new information this morning on the hazing scandal that wiped out the football season for a high school in north jersey. four assistant coaches suspended can now return to teaching. that decision came last night
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from school officials in middlesex county. they did not reinstate the head football coach. seven players face sexual assault and other crimes against four freshmen teammates. in another high school hazing scandal, the head coach has lost his job on the field at central bucks west. they removed him as coach and lifted suspensions for his assistants. he will keep his job as a teacher. the school canceled the final two games of the season after allegations surfaced that upper classmen were targeting freshmen on the team. happening later today, a protest march on the atlantic city boardwalk by hundreds of unionized casino workers. the employees are upset about the plan by billionaire carl icon to close the trump taj mahal on december 12. he holds the mortgage on the taj and is asking for $175 million in tax breaks to keep it open. the workers claim he is profiting while they are being targeted for layoffs.
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happening now, mayors from new jersey cities are meeting to discussion ways they can improve. the senate president and mayors from across the state are meeting at the atlantic city convention center. their agenda? talking about ways to reduce crime and improve infrastruct e infrastructures. looking ahead to decision 2015, we expect to hear the next two names to enter the race for philadelphia mayor. state senator anthony williams and former district attorney lynn aabraham are running. two others have also announced they are running. the democratic primary will be held in may. it's the announcement millions of people are anticipating. we are learning new information this morning about when president obama might detail an executive order to overhaul immigration and where he is expected to unveil the plan.
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speaking of big announcements, this one has been anticipated for some time. will hillary clinton run for president in 2016? new details on when an announcement could come. the cold weather isn't leaving us any time soon. but i am tracking big changes in the seven-day forecast. that's just ahead.
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members of a jerusalem synagogue aren't letting a terrorist attack keep them from
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morning prayers. they returned to pray one day after fellow worshipers were killed during religious services. a police officer also died of his injuries following the attack. bullet holes remain from the glass. the attack was carried out by two palestinian cousins using meat cleavers, knives and a handgun. they were shot to death by police. the four dead worshipers included three american citizens. it was the deadliest attack in the holy city since 2008. israeli officials tightened the security. on high alert at the line between east and west jerusalem. security forces also demolished the home of a palestinian who killed two people back in october during an attack on a jerusalem computer rail platform. the pope is condemning yesterday's attack. he is calling for israelis and palestinians to take courageous steps to forth peace.
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he made the comments today during his weekly general audience. he is concerned by the "alarming increase in tensions in the holy land." this just in. the first openly gay player in a major american professional sport is retiring. jason collins made history when he took the court for the nets earlier this year. but he was not on the roster when they began the new season this fall. he announced his retirement in a story for "sports illustrated." president obama could announce an executive order on immigration reform by later this week. the president booked a trip to las vegas for friday. that's where he outlined his blueprint for immigration legislation back in 2013. that's why some are speculating he could announce that order during the trip. his policy should shield as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation and grant them work permits. congressmen are hearing the
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acting director of the secret service. he is testifying on capitol hill before a committee. here is a live look at that. the committee is looking into how a man breached security at the white house, hopped a fence and made it into the east room of the white house. lawmakers will examine problems and look for solutions to prevent security breaches from happening in the future. senators will get the chance to question president obama's top foreign policy adviser. he was nominateddeputy secretary of state. the battle against isis will be a top concern. some lawmakers say they are waiting for the president to outline what he wants from congress. they say a vote to authorize further action against isis won't happen before the end of the year. the house oversight committee will hold a hearing on data security at the u.s. postal
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service. they revealed a cyber attack had exposed the personal information of 800,000 postal workers. lawmakers will question officials on why it took the postal service two months before it went public about the hack. in washington, police removed protesters from the senate chambers after senators rejected the keystone pipeline project. one of the protesters was chanting and wearing a native american headdress. they removed five people, including a man identified as a member of the great sioux nation which opposes the pipeline. the bill needed 60 votes in the senate. it got 59. republican s promise to put it p for a vote again in january when the gop takes control of the senate. saw my first below zero windchills on the map this morning in the poconos. we got record cold temperatures
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in places outside of the poconos. it's going to stay cold all the way into sunday morning. not as cold as it was this morning. of course, more about that buffalo blizzard. we have clear skies out there now. not as windy as it was yesterday. that helps. 29 degrees, the wind west at ten without gusts. the feedfeels-like temperature . very cold for this time of the year. temperatures are in the mid 20s and near 30 in the philadelphia area and to the south. we are going to warm up this afternoon. but not nearly as much as we would on a typical day. we are going to be close to record levels for the lowest maximum temperature for the day. this morning, we were 15 in allentown, 18 reading, quakertown. 18 in coatesville, 15 in
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lancaster, 18 in doylestown, 19 in wilmington, 18 at toms river. georgetown, delaware, the record of 19. we continue to see a west wind. it is not as strong as yesterday. we have them generally five to ten miles an hour. yesterday was 20 to 30 miles an hour sustained. it's plenty cold enough to make snow. this is at camelback in the poconos. that's a little bit of snow. you see in the pictures out of buffalo, and this is 24 hours. it's straight line right in the same direction. that's how you get five to six feet of snow. you have the cold air -- bitter cold air over the warm lakes for hundreds of miles. and that is the perfect setup for the lake affect blizzard. however, that has shifted to the north and the south of buffalo is getting a break. but there is more snow on the
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way. it's more like a typical week event than something like you had yesterday. some places got five or five fe feet in one day. you can see, it's not as cold as last night. it's still pretty chilly. 26 degrees in vineland. a little bit of wind as we go through the night tonight. not very much into tomorrow morning. it's very cold and breezy today. high temperatures in the low to mid 30s. the seven-day forecast, windy and cold day tomorrow. but again, not quite as cold. then we get reinforcing shot friday. temperature goes down again. saturday is still cold. sunday we finally see the temperature go up. near 60. we could see rain by sunday night and then one warm day on monday before we start cooling down toward thanksgiving. they say you are what you
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eat. guys, listen up. a new finding that show how your diet affects more than your body. first, still a cover girl. brook shields lived her life in the spotlight. we opened about her relationship with her mother. i will talk live with brook shields up next.
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she's one of the world's most recognizable faces having grown up in the spotlight. she's an internationally known
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model and actress thanks in large part to her mother and manager. their relationship was surrounded by controversy and criticism. she's trying to set the record straight with her new book "there was a little girl and the real story of my mother and me." she joins us live from new york. thanks for being with us. before there were the kardashians, there was your mom. she had aa huge influence on you. you write that you had a huge influence on her. it's almost as if your roles were reversed. talk to us about that. >> i was a child of a single mom and an alcoholic mom. and i very quickly was -- wanted to keep her alive and wanted to keep her safe. she was my mom. i think there was a very, very close relationship. it's funny, all of these current moms now have that one time in the past, talk to my mom, asked
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about my mom, they wanted to lump into that category. she was always set apart. she was never the one that wanted to be in the spotlight herself, which is where she was very different. >> the book focuses on your relationship with your mother. you drop a few bombshells. you mention in the book -- you reveal you had sex with your college sweetheart while you were students at princeton. even in that moment, it always comes back to your mom. you talked about how it might affect your mom and your relationship with your mom from that vantage point. >> i think that that question, it's very different today. virginity was a different entity. we weren't just hooking up and making dates to lose your virginity. there was something else to it. i brought my mother in my consciousness wherever i was.
11:26 am
disengaging from her emotionally and mentally was really difficult. and that colored relationships, it really did. it colored everything in my life. it took a lot of strength to try to separate. it took years. >> we appreciate you being with us. you are an iconic figure. you have lived an amazing life. it's a fascinating read. it's now on sale. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we are tracking the cold blast hitting our area. we will take it over what people in western new york are dealing with. it's a snowfall that seems to be never ending. how much more people there are expected to get and when we will see a break from the bitter cold. cosby controversy. the newest accuser bringing up sex abuse charges against bill cosby.
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it's 11:30. a cold blast throughout our area today. we take a live look outside at philadelphia's boathouse row. hats and heavy jackets, people have those things on. even more to stay warm this morning. you can see how bundled up they were in montgomery county. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> we tied a couple of record low temperatures this morning and set another one in our area. the arctic air we have been telling about you for a week or two that was coming in here, well, we certainly felt it this morning. these were the actual records for the day. these were the temperatures that occurred this morning. philadelphia tied the record
11:31 am
with 20. reading tied it at 18. georgetown, delaware, broke the record with 19 degrees. right now, we are still in the 20s in most of the area, but we have a couple of spots that have hit 30. not quite to freezing yet. the windchills are in the teens still north and west and low 20s across much of the rest of the area. it's not going to warm up a lot today. the high temperature, about 3:00 in the afternoon, about 33, 34 degrees. very, very cold for this time of the year. and then we level off as we head through the evening and overnight periods. the windchills, the feel-like temperatures will start to level off. that just means consistently cold. we will tell you when it's going to warm up and if there's rain over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. arctic cold and high winds sweeping across lake erie drops historic amounts of snow around
11:32 am
buffalo. some predict eight feet before the end of tomorrow. >> reporter: the sun is shining. that's what's so incredible about lake affect snow. we had a wind shift. the heaviest snow is to the north by 35, 40 miles. it's ten miles wide, the band of heaviest snow. where it fell yesterday, we are talking about feet of snow, six feet in some areas. most of that falling in just a 24-hour period, falling at rates of up to four inches per hour. it was really in a localized area. >> i have never seen it like this. it was scary. >> reporter: this is a once in a lifetime thing. this is something people are going to tell their grandkids about. we have about a foot or snow here on the ground. unfortunately, we are going to see more snow in the forecast. we have a little disturbance that's going to move on through
11:33 am
later today that's going to trigger snow and perhaps more lake affect snow as we go into thursday and friday. check your car and make sure it's ready to face the cold temperatures. nbc 10 met with aaa to find out what's most at risk when the weather turns this cold. the answer, your battery. aaa says when it's this cold, your battery operates on half of its power. if it's older and weak, your car might not start. you may need to replace the battery if it's three years or older to make sure you get through the winter. aaa suggests putting together an emergency kit for your car complete with a portable shovel, a set of jumper cables, work gloves, bungee cables and a flashlight, rock salt, de-icer, fully charged cell phone, ice scraper, a blanket and food. that should help out if you find yourself stranded or if you need to wait for help to come.
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as the cold weather continues its grip on our region, get the latest updates from the nbc 10 first alert weather center. get them to your smart phone or tablet on the weather app. investigators working to figure out if speed played a part in a deadly berks county crash. two people were killed and nine injured in this crash on allentown pike. this is just south of route 73. the district attorney said the tractor-trailer slammed into a line of cars. nine cars total plus the truck all involved in this crash. as you can see, some of the cars were pinned up against the sign. the d.a. says charges could be filed. fire tears through an apartment building in brooklyn killing one man and injured 14 others. the fire spread to two floors
11:35 am
and it took more than an hour to get it under control. five of the injured are in critical condition. no word on the cause. a fire engulfs a missouri pawnshop in kansas city. flames were shooting through the roof. good news, no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how that fire started. more fallout from the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. netflix said it is postponing his standup comedy. he agrees with the decision. the publicist is calling allegations against cosby from janice dickinson a complete lie. she claims cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1982. two other women are accusing the comedian who settled a civil lawsuit in 2006. he has never been criminally charged in any case. this morning, nbc news
11:36 am
received a statement from his lawyer. two other women are accusing cosby who settled a receivele ill suit with an alleged victim in '06. he has never been criminally charged in any case. police in new york say the man who killed a stranger by pushing him in front of a subway train is off the streets today. officers arrested kevin darden last night. he is accused in another random subway attack two weeks ago. the victim was not seriously hurt in that case. we know more about the injuries that tracy morgan suffered in the crash that killed his friend. his lawyer says he is fighting to recover from a severe brain injury five months after the accident. the lawyer added it's not known if the comedian will be "the tracy morgan he once was." he broke a leg, ribs and nose when a tractor-trailer crashed into the limo he was riding in on the new jersey turn back in
11:37 am
june. tensions are high in ferguson, as they wait for a decision. gun dealers in the area are reporting a surge in their sales. especially among first-time buyers. fairful residents await the grand jury decision. one more reports its private lessons in conceal carry training classes are full through the end of the year. hillary clinton is expected to announce after the holidays she's running for president. democratic sources say mrs. clinton is expected to announce her candidacy in january. party sources say her campaign operation would be based in the new york city suburbs. the sources say there's a small chance that she will choose not to run. happening today, get child car seats checked for free in the reading area. state troopers will conduct the checks from 3:00 to 7:00 at the
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barracks. it's part of the national traffic safety administration's click it or ticket campaign. will you be braving the crowds black friday? probably not. a new study finds the majority of americans will not be out shopping that day. according to the study, 28% of americans say that they plan to hit the stores for the post thanksgiving shopping frenzy. only one in four say they will logon to shop on cyber monday. analysts say retailers have helped to drive thechangesdisco the season and offering them through the season. best public bathroom is in our area. longwood gardens is the home of the award winning rest room. the winner was announced about an hour ago. here is a look at the winning rest room which was chosen based on cleanliness and unique design elements. on the outside there's a green
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wall made of plants. on the inside, there's natural light which saves energy. the natural -- the annual best rest room contest is run by a company that provides rest room cleaning services and supplies. diet dangers, the connection to what they eat and what they remember. no break from the cold blast just yet. i am tracking big changes later in the seven-day forecast. what you can expect and when just ahead.
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a dangerous and stressful work done by police officers may put them at greater risk for a heart attack. officers are 30% to 70% more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death during altercations or chases. the risk was 20 to 25 times higher during fishgzal training exercises and nine times higher during a rescue operation. it was led by researchers at the harvard school of public health. transfat may not only be bad for your waist but it may be bad for your brain as well. new research suggests a link between that and reduced memory among younger men. men under 45 who ate for transfats scored lower on word recall tests. the study was led by researchers at the university of california san diego. this week's wednesday's child is willing to take on the challenge. he hopes to find a forever
11:43 am
family. let's meet jabrele. he wants to learn about martial art s. he is a bright and friendly 13-year-old who loves all types of martial arts. we went to learn from the best, will martinez in philly. >> one, two, three. >> he could not wait to jump in and learn new techniques. within minutes he had a good handle on some of the moves. >> one, two, three. >> he loves going to school and he has been on the honor role. he has an adventurous spirit and loves to try new things. >> some of his hobbies and interests consist of playing the saxophone. he started lessons, which is very cool. he is very much interested in learning about karate and he is an excellent chess player. >> he is in foster care but he knows what a forever family would mean to him. tell me what a family would do for you and with you. >> love and take care of me.
11:44 am
>> he deserves to have a forever family. he is looking for a family that would be able to make him the priority. >> he has a warm heart and is ready to share it with a forever family. >> he would do great in any family. he is absolutely achild that enjoys helping others, very much involved in the day to day with what goes on in the family in terms of helping out around the house, helping out in the kitchen. he is a really, really good, good kid. >> he is this week's wednesday's child. make the dream of a forever family come true for him or any of our wednesday's children. our next guest is a star of stage and screen who is truly proud to be called a diva. she's also helping to spread the word about hiv aids prevention,
11:45 am
a cause near and dear to her heart. i would like to welcome sheryl back. >> thank you. it's good to be here. i'm praying for a forever family for jabrele. >> you kept awin'. >> great young man. >> if i were to call most women a diva, i might get slapped. but not for you. >> because it's an ak row ghneim. divinely inspired victoriously aware, alive, awesome, audacious diva. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> thank you. >> amen. world aids day say few weeks away. >> december 1st. >> tell us why you are so passionate about this cause and what you are doing -- why you are so committed to learning about not only education but testing for it as well. >> december 1, world aids day was created to reunite us in the fight against hiv aids. i got involved in that fight as an original company member of "dream girls" on broadway. it was the greatest time in my
11:46 am
life. and then came the worst. that was when i saw my friends drop dead of this mysterious disease. friends like jennifer lewis and i, we are all young women back then. when we saw this, i said, we have to do something to forever raise up the memory of our friends. i created the diva foundation. defiivinely inspired aids aware. >> the first time i saw you, i took my children up to new york. you met your husband, who is a pennsylvania state senator, vincent hughs. tell us about the memories of being here in this area, this neck of the woods. >> i'm always here. in between shooting "instant mom" and doing "ray donovan," i cou come back to philadelphia. i got to see my husband in
11:47 am
philadelphia. i love my senator. that's what we do. part of the reason also i come back is to be able to work with great companies like -- >> tell us about that. >> so i say to everybody, get tested. get tested for everything. december 1, world aids day, we want to make this the season of knowing. pick up a home hiv kit. take the test. establish your sexual footprint. if you can have a green footprint, you can have a sexual footprint. the one thing that magic johnson did that people never talk enough about in his disease is he got tested. i want everybody to -- mothers with your daughters, show them how to be responsible. take care of themselves. fathers do the same for your son. walk into your drugstore, anyone, go right down there to city line to rite aid, pick up one and get tested. everyone that you buy, they will donate one to the diva
11:48 am
foundation so that we can put it back into the community so folks can know their status. >> you are passionate. >> i am. >> no question about that. i know you are friends with renee. >> i love renee. she's a doll. we have to go out to dinner again, girl. come on now. >> i will make sure she gets the word. she doesn't come in until later this afternoon. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. that arctic air is here. it's going to stay with us for a while. this is not just one of those brief things. we did have record cold this morning, and maybe even this afternoon with the record lowest maximum temperature for the day. after that, no more records. but it's going to be cold until sunday. that's for sure. at least sunday morning. and that buffalo blizzard is over, at least for now. we are looking at the flags.
11:49 am
not blowing as strong as they did yesterday at this time. that's kind of helpful, because that limits the windchill. it's 29. the sustained wind is ten miles an hour without gusts. the feels-like temperature is 20. this is camelback mountain in the poconos. they are making snow like crazy. 24 hours a day they are able to make snow. a lot of the places are going to try to open for black friday next week. they probably have a good chance of being successful with that with this weather pattern. 19 in mount pocono now. 20s elsewhere. 26 in pottstown, 28 in kennett square and mount holly and in trenton. the wind, not nearly as strong. a few places reporting gusts. nobody reporting a gust over 20. it's been a while since we said that. a 24-hour radar loop.
11:50 am
it looks the same. that's why we got so much snow. the wind direction has to be exactly right and stay that way for a place like buffalo to get buried like they did. the wind has shifted. the snow band is north of buffalo. the sun is out in buffalo and points to the south. there's another area of snow that's coming in but that's a normal snow system. you can't get feet of snow out of that kind of stuff. 23 in allentown, 24 in reading tonight, 25 in quakertown. it's not going to drop that much during the night tonight. 25 in doylestown. a little bit of wind. then it will pick up again tomorrow. 26 in vineland, 32 in cape may and 29 in philadelphia. we tied the record this morning with 20 degrees. for the rest of the day, very cold, breezy but not as windy as
11:51 am
yesterday. highs in the low to mid 30s. the average high is in the mid 50s. tomorrow, that's quite a bit milder but it's still ten degrees below average. then we cold again on friday. we get a reinforcing cold shot. so we stay cold through saturday. those are not november numbers there. then on sunday, we warm up. right now it looks like the rain could hold off until after the eagles game. quite a bit milder and monday is down right warm but then we cool off towards thanksgiving again.
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it's pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. it starts at 5:00. it's a great opportunity to see art at any price that you would like. from 5:30 to 7:30 take part in the make stuff design challenge. at 6:00, join the masterpieces tour. get a look at some of the greatest treasurers. at 6:00, you can do yoga in the gallery. practice your poses while surrounded by the museum's collections. today is the final day to vote for our high school blitz of the week playoff edition.
11:55 am
the game with the most votes will be featured on the high school blitz saturday night at 7:00. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. after the fire, flames devoured a local landmark just before the busy holiday shopping season. today nbc 10 goes back to this farmer's market to find out what really happened. what will be open in time for shoppers? what won't? this afternoon on nbc 10 at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a check of the afternoon forecast and the cold. >> after tieing a record this morning with 20 in philadelphia, we are barely going to get above freezing during the afternoon. our record for the lowest
11:56 am
maximum temperature for this date in philadelphia is 35. we are going to be very close to that. could break it. no more records for the rest of the week or into saturday. but that's still unseasonably cold, especially on friday. it's going to be another really cold day with wind. so we don't really warm up until sunday afternoon. and then monday is really warm. but that's about it. that's only a temporary thing. it will get colder again toward thanksgiving and i think black friday will be kind of chilly. >> the eagles are lucky in the home games. maybe a little rain but 60 this time of the year, lucky. >> at this point it's possible the rain could hold off until after the game. if they were playing today or tonight, it would be uncomfortable. >> it would not be fun for the fans. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz a and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day and stay warm out there.
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>> ben: i better not be dreaming. >> abigail: little caffeine to start your day? >> ben: thank you. but i was hoping to start my day like this. >> sharon: your first appointment is here. >> marlena: oh, thank you, bring him in. >> clyde: nice to meet you, dr. evans. thank you for making time for me. >> hope: okay, here you go. >> ciara: oh, i don't need a menu, i want smiley-face pancakes. >> hope: okay. >> ciara: i'm starving, can we please just order now? >> hope: honey, chase and his


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